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We're 100% about testing High Technology....

IonTest, LLC offers intelligent, optimized network test solutions and services enabling an exceptional internet experience....

If your job is to test the features, functions, and protocols of your network software, hardware or system, in the lab or field, or if you want to ensure your live IT network operates at peak efficiency and performance, or that your products are visible, secure and easily monitored in any domain, including virtual, then IonTest may be your best partner to ensure that you have the right tools for the job.

We'll answer your technical test questions, offer a free live demo, 'your own hands on' product evaluation, at your facility, if it fits....

Reach us anytime at .......   

Zero loss PkT Cap/Decode

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WiFi Perf

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Verify Network and Communications Systems, Network Data Analysis, Functional Test, Interoperability Test, Protocol Monitoring...Security...

Core to Edge Data and Application Performance Measurement...

Monitoring Services SLAs...and more

......for...... NEMs, SPs, Enterprise, +          ....if you are a.......

Architect....QA Engineer...Software Tester....System Tester....Technician ....Developer....  Marketing Engineer....IT Professional....Field Operations Engineer

CEO , VP , Director , Manager - who needs to ensure your team has the best network optimization solutions to take your business simply will make more revenue with our test solutions.

                                      Is your business network fully optimized? ...........

...... Are your network tests really up to speed for today - does every test Pass ?   or some Fail?   How many connections?   Is the protocol meeting spec? How Fast?  Slow? Is the code optimized?  Does it conform?  Is it really ready to ship?  Is it Secure?   Does it interoperate as a system?  Do you meet your SLAs ?   Do your features really meet your customer's expectations? Are you receiving live instant feedback on your IT network health? Need to regression test? How much does a High Quality product cost you?   Low Quality?     Call IonTest to help.....

" ....even a single bug or 'unexpected negative user experience' exposed in your designs, solutions and networks, in this era of intense publicity and social media, can be devastating for your business success....{ pre-test, monitor, test, fix and re-test , assure with built-in intelligent tools } is the best and only practice to win...." , said a 'wize modern sage'.



IonTest distributes, reps and is channel partner for an excellent portfolio of complementary test and network value added solutions. Please reach out to us if you are interested in partnering to have your solutions reach the right people , in record time, who trust ionTest with growing their customer base.  Even if you don't see the test solution that you are looking for here, please contact us ; we recommend test product brands for every need you have...


Contact IonTest about any of these solutions - we highly recommend these test product lines....   

Apposite Technologies - Test any application's performance under the real world's many imperfect conditions with WAN Emulation, via this high precision, easy to use and most cost effective family of WAN/Network emulators.  Simulate delay, loss, congestion, out-of-seq, outages, duplication, corruption, queue limits, differing speeds and feeds, multi-vendor topologies and security, with the Netropy  product up to 100 Gbps !  You can test with clean tools in a pristine lab, but take it to the next step and make sure your solutions work with what's really on the wire, in the air, and over the cloud.  With the new Traffic Generation Performance product- profile, test the functionality, interoperability, capacity of your devices, protocols and network topologies with 'built-in' capture&replay , real apps ( YouTube, Dropbox, Twitter, real Gaming, Enterprise, Mobile - 1000s incl )  or 1000s of built-in security test/threats, automate your entire test plan and QA process.  

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Netshield Corporation- innovative, proactive security solutions, which will close untrusted security gaps, provide real-time defense against cybersecurity attacks on your network, with a unique vulnerability 24x7 assessment, allowing IT professionals to regain control of rogue elements who intend to harm your assets and identities. It's a proactive NAC L2 IPS with unique 'blocking technology'- not even a single packet can be sent  for any 'untrusted' devices. Audit & compliance reporting, malware, vulnerability, zero-day remedies- thoroughly compliments any existing sec system with a single click of a mouse.    Contact IonTest to learn more, and see it in action....



Synesis  - leads the industry in full-rate , zero loss, portable network data analysis via packet capture & decode up to 200 Gbps.  Can you afford to lose 70% of your data packets on even a typical 10G interface, using only 'free tools' ?   SP Data Centers, GOVT, Enterprise, remote test sites, everywhere you don't want to risk losing data to analyze - we are deployed to capture months of user data.  Use the beloved Wireshark as a plug-in.   Redundancy, and distributed systems available too. Capture 100GBps bi-dir in field, replay in your lab.  Security threats? Do you really want to risk losing any packets? 

.....No other packet capture system can achieve this level of performance. 

Contact IonTest to learn more,  product demonstration, free evaluation in your own lab, 



Creanord - comprehensive SLA and Application Performance monitoring solutions for your edge, core, cloud, mobile backhaul, wholesale , access and data center networks. Issue detection & resolution, in record time, using physical or virtual test probes for SAT, TCP+, pCap, iPerf3, simultaneous passive and active measurements, and best of class KAFKA, REST API easy integration with your customer portal. Pulscore  Cloud Mgmt System. Your network simply stays up, and is fully optimized at all times when Creanord solutions are employed. Contact IonTest to learn more, and see it in action......

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 11.44.56
Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 11.41.28
Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 11.40.01

Alethea - Vastly improves your WiFi network reliability, interoperability, scale and performance - stay connected, 24x7. This cutting edge test platform decreases your network downtime, optimizes real world traffic, identifies what isn't working, and verifies true application performance - iPerf+, YouTube, Dropbox, IoT, Gaming and much more is all built-in .  WiFi 6 , with a 10 fold increase in throughput - can your APs keep up?      Contact IonTest to learn more, and see it in action......




IonTest offers a range of custom services to help you test smarter, cover far more in less time, overcome complex quality process challenges, automate and optimize your tasks to be more competitive, with our consultative approach, focused directly on your specific objectives. Please contact us for more information.  Promotion W23IONT - free consulting services product TPExpertR23 with *every new purchase , and continues by popular demand into 2023 !  Time limited ....Ask us for the DataSheet !

Contact us for your testing and network optimization needs ........



IonTest is located in the greater Boston, USA area, and serves the world's best companies.  

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IonTest exists to connect great companies with exceptional test solutions. Having over 30 years of in-depth technical and business experience in the art and discipline of testing and assuring high tech communication network systems, from core to edge, IonTest is your best personalized connection for powerful and cost effective lab and field tools , and custom services, that will only strengthen your customer loyalty and raise your profitability.

It's easy to keep your "Eye on Network Testing", with ionTest.

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